Wills Law in Severna Park & Annapolis

Wills attorney in Severna Park

You can make a valid will in Maryland if you are at least 18 years old and of sound mind. Severna Park wills must be in writing and signed by you or by some other person for you at your direction and in your presence. Additionally, to be enforceable, wills in Severna Park must be attested and signed by two or more credible witnesses in your presence.

Dying without a Severna Park legal will

If you die without a Severna Park legal will, called intestate, in Maryland, your assets must be divided among your immediate family. For example, if you have minor children, your spouse receives one-half of your estate. The other one-half of your estate goes to your minor children.

Will dispute in Severna Park

A Severna Park will dispute can arise in several situations. Simply being upset with the amount of an inheritance is not reason to mount a Severna Park will contest. A wills lawyer in Severna Park can explain in detail the reasons to contest a will in Severna Park that include the following:

  • Testamentary capacity and formalities: Allegations that the deceased person, testator, was not of sound mind to make a will, or that the will was not made according to will law in Severna Park can give rise to a Severna park will dispute.
  • Fraud, undue influence, and mistake: Undue influence, fraud, and mistake can lead to will litigation in Severna Park.
  • Tortious interference with an inheritance: A party can file a lawsuit against the person who is receiving the property under a will that the party thinks should be his or hers when the creator of the will is still alive.

A Severna Park wills attorney can help

If you have questions about Severna Park wills law, or if you need a probate attorney in Severna Park, Corbin, Schaffer & Aviles, Chartered lawyers are waiting to speak to you. Our top-notch probate lawyers in Severna Park can give you the help and advice you need, including drafting legal wills in Severna Park and living wills in Severna Park.

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