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Mediation Process

A mediator assists participants to resolve disputes by identifying issues, developing options, considering alternatives, and helping the parties to reach mutually-satisfactory solutions.

In mediation, participants communicate directly with one another in joint sessions with a mediator.

Mediation is a process designed to assist and facilitate participants to resolve their own disputes. It is an alternative method for resolving disputes other than the traditionally expensive and adversarial judicial/court forum. Our goal as your mediator is to provide an expedient and efficient alternative to the courtroom.

Mediators are trained in facilitating constructive communication between participants. A mediator does not act as a judge or arbitrator (making decisions about settlement or about who is “right” or “wrong”). The role of the mediator is to help participants find the best solution to their problems. In mediation, there is no “winning” or “losing” or being “right” or “wrong”; your concerns and needs will be considered and responded to. A mediator will help identify issues and explore settlement options. A mediator does not engage in case-evaluation, or fact-finding and does not provide legal advice.

Statements and information made in mediation are confidential.

Agreement to Mediate

We ask our participants to make the following commitment to negotiate fairly and honestly throughout the mediation process:

  • "I agree to try to resolve this case through mediation."
  • "I understand that all statements made by either party are confidential and will not be used in any court hearing/trial."
  • "I understand that the mediator has no power to decide who "wins" or loses" this case and will not express an opinion as to who is "right" or "wrong." Rather, the mediator will try to help me and the other party or parties reach our own resolution of this matter/case."
  • "I understand that the mediator will be impartial and will not act as an advocate or attorney for me or for any other party."
  • "I understand that the purpose of mediation is to try to settle this matter/case, not to gather information for any court hearing/trial. I will not subpoena the mediator to testify about what was said in mediation."
  • "The mediator agrees that they will not voluntarily testify on behalf of any party and will not submit any type of report in connection with this mediation unless one of the participants threatens someone with physical harm or reports possible child or vulnerable adult abuse
  • " I understand that mediation is entirely voluntary and that at any time before the mediation is completed I may terminate my participation."

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